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Advocates And Guides For A Complex Personal Injury Claim

The state and federal laws that govern personal injuries are incredibly complex to navigate on your own. If you or someone you love suffered a catastrophic accident, you can seek counsel from our team at Dombrowski Law Group, LLC. Our principal attorney, Robert R. Dombrowski, has more than 20 years of legal experience serving the people of Windsor and Hartford County.

We do more than just serve as your guides for the claims process. We advocate for your best interests, make sure you understand your rights and help you make wise decisions that set you up for maximum financial recovery. This gives you the freedom to focus on your personal life, not the legal steps.

Putting You And Your Needs First

In all the personal injury cases we handle, one priority comes first: the client. You can turn to us in an incredibly vulnerable time and expect to receive an outstanding level of representation. We can help you with a variety of injury claims, including:

Our lawyers care deeply about serving you with compassion, respect and skill. When necessary, we become aggressive to show the other side that we are serious about recovering a fair settlement or award. We are prepared to appear with you at trial if it means getting the results you deserve.

Let Us Navigate Your Claim With You – Free Consults

When you need a guide, advocate, listening ear and ally, Dombrowski Law Group, LLC, is available to help. You can schedule a free, no-risk initial consultation with us today. To begin, please call 860-219-0779 or send us an email.